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Like a Salad


Barnes & Noble 


Ever had a salad with chocolate candy bars, peanut brittle, khaki pants and cherry tomatoes? Siblings, Assir and Xolani have. “Like a Salad,” explores nuances in skin tones through the eyes of children.

The Empress' New Hair Book Cover.jpg

The Empress' New Hair 

Barnes & Noble 


Empress Zania Niara, of Detroit Charm, is in constant battle with her unruly hair. But when she finds herself in trouble with two greedy villains, she soon learns... her hair is less unruly and more versatile than she could have ever imagined.

The Empress New Hair 


Dancing Monkeys in My Soup

While on vacation in Peru, Jabbar, discovers pygmy marmosets dancing in his dinner soup. The monkeys create quite an eclectic stir with their dance moves, leaving Jabbar and his family alarmed and confused. They don't know what to do to get the monkeys out of the soup! Do you?

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